Spotted Dog Press

00_LeadSpotted Dog Press was founded in 1995 with the publication of the book, Favorite Dog Hikes In and Around Los Angeles by Wynne Benti. When she is not out scouting trails or doing a photo shoot, the hands on nuts and bolts of her job include: writing agreements, research, print and ebook design, production and conversion, web/ecommerce design, marketing, distribution and wholesale gateways, office management while also running a brick & mortar art gallery.

The press has published multiple printings of several titles including Galen Rowell’s High & Wild, and Ansel Adams’ Born Free and Equal, Adams’ written and photographic documentary of Manzanar, the World War II internment camp situated along the eastern edge of California’s Sierra Nevada. Other projects include Harvey Butchart’s Grand Canyon Treks; Woman on the Rocks: The Mountaineering Letters of Ruth Dyar Mendenhall about California’s pioneering rock climber edited by Valerie Cohen; Out From Las Vegas: Adventures a Day Away; and Mojave Desert Trails by Florine Lawlor, Nevada’s first and most enduring newspaper travel columnist.